Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Prayer for the Reign of Grace over Your Life from Pastor Mark Driscoll

This prayer is too significant and needed by some not to share it as much as possible--by me, by you--with anyone in need of grace for one or more of the challenges listed in Pastor Mark's prayer. The link to his knock-your-socks-off teachings on the book of Romans is listed below.

For the Christian who is aware of their sin, and the pains and problems it causes, we can be so consumed looking down in shame that we forget to look up and see our Lord Jesus Christ ruling and reigning over our lives. Thankfully, His reign is a reign of grace that rains down grace upon our lives in the times and ways that we need. I prayed this prayer over the dear people at The Trinity Church in Scottsdale where I pastor and I am praying it over you as well. 

  1. Dear shame-filled saint who gives grace to others but not to yourself - The Holy Spirit has grace for you to cover your shame forever in Jesus’ righteousness. Receive the grace of God! 
  2. Dear religious saint who keeps making rules and punishing people – The Holy Spirit has grace for you both to transform your relationships with God and others. Receive the grace of God!   
  3. Dear theological saint who keeps making God into a concept to master rather than a Person who is a friend – The Holy Spirit has grace to pour out the love of Jesus into your heart. Receive the grace of God! 
  4. Dear burdened saint who is haunted by your past – The Holy Spirit has grace for you to transfer your burdens to Jesus who carries them for you and with you. Receive the grace of God!  
  5. Dear abandoned saint who keeps getting disappointed in people who ignore and use you when you need them most – The Holy Spirit has grace for you from Jesus who will never leave nor forsake you. Receive the grace of God! 
  6. Dear weary & broken saint who is struggling to pull it together – The Holy Spirit has grace to heal you and strengthen you and will not stop until you are with Jesus and like Jesus. Receive the grace of God! 
  7. Dear failed saint who feels they don’t measure up – The Holy Spirit has grace to lift you up into the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Receive the grace of God! 
  8. Dear addicted saint who is ensnared by a dark desire – The Holy Spirit has grace to set you free and change your desires because who the Son sets free is free indeed. Receive the grace of God! 
  9. Dear fearful saint who is anxious about the future – The Holy Spirit has grace waiting for you in the darkness of tomorrow from Jesus who rules the future. Receive the grace of God!  
  10. Dear controlling saint who fears that giving people too much grace will permit them to sin – The Holy Spirit has grace that not only forgives and covers us but transforms and empowers us. Receive the grace of God! 

To find the free Romans study guide for individuals and small groups, hear Pastor Mark’s entire sermon series on Romans, or find a free mountain of Bible teaching visit or download the realfaith app. 

In Him,

 Pastor Mark

And here is the link to his phenomenal (awesome, amazing, Holy Spirit-filled, etc.) sermons based on the book of Romans. Fourteen such sermons are posted at the link at the time of this publishing, but Pastor Mark still has more to cover. Yay!!!        


  1. Joyce, thank you for posting this. I've printed it out for daily encouragement.

    1. You're most welcome, Barbara. And my thanks to amazing Pastor Mark.

  2. During these unusual times that are frightening to some, and confusing to others, this is a much needed message. The Great Physician has the cure for anything hindering an individual’s life and causing them to have
    ”dis-ease”. Thank you, Joyce, for posting Pastor Mark’s message here to remind us.

  3. Joyce, this is so helpful to me that it brought tears to my eyes. There is so much hope and love packed into this short post. Thank you thank you thank you for posting it for me . . . and for others who need it desperately. Yes, I'm printing it out !